Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur |Trainer

Della Faye is a professional development trainer, radio broadcaster and author. Her first book Always Try Just One More Time released in 2005 followed by The Power is Within You: Always Stay Motivated along with several inspirational pocket guides.

Her early life challenges as a young single mother gave her the fuel she needed to journey on as an entrepreneur, community advocate, and dispenser of hope. With years of unique experience in the business world she encourages individuals to stop wallowing in self-pity which leads to nothingness, and instead apply self-discipline which leads to accomplishments. The fire behind her passion for self-improvement makes her story one to be heard. Her former radio show, Encouraging and Joyful Moments with Della, on Joy 910FM inspired many listeners. She has several technical certifications and holds a Radio Announcer Diploma.


Entrepreneurial DNA! Della is a partner in Abidel Homes, LLC, a former partner of All kinds of (AKO) Printing, InterUrban Tax & Bookkeeping Service, VDC1Net Telecommunications, and Hannon Shoes ‘N Wear Retail Store, and a former Director in Allzents Groups Inc.

As a business consultant, speaker, and professional development trainer, Della has taught technical and soft-skills to adults and youth. With eighteen plus years training experience, and over 30 years computer and business experience she trains individuals to improve their performance and productivity. Della provides quality hardware and software technical support.  She is very instrumental in helping entrepreneurs and ministries get off the ground.


Della is passionate about improving conditions in the world thus her passion for helping to put an end to pain and suffering in this world. She has served on the Board of Directors for Helping Restore Ability (www.helpingrestoreability.org) from 2009-2012. For 20+ years she served as a volunteer for the Dare to Dream Children’s Foundation (www.daretodream-dallas.org). She was an instructor from 2000 to 2001 for the John C. Ford Program. The program focused on business and technology skills. The youth were taught entrepreneurship skills. They came up with a business idea, selected a Board, and then learned how to create a Business Plan using MS Word, provide Financial Projections using MS Excel, and created a Marketing Presentation using MS PowerPoint. She served as a volunteer at Baylor Hospital Irving. Della helped organize an annual Mothers and Daughters Luncheon for ten years. She has led women retreats, organized and led church youth programs, facilitated workshops, emceed at conferences, and delivered inspirational keynote messages.