"I will be a better
leader for others
for myself.”
“We were all empowered
by your great, passionate,
and insightful
contribution to the
-Chantal, Founding President
Rapha World International
“. . . . message was a
reminder that to make
the world a better place
we must focus on the
needs, wants, and
desires of others.”
-Mr. Zig Ziglar
Ziglar Corporation
“I learned more
computer skills in
one day than I
learned over the
last 6 years.”
“Very good
advice that will
keep me focused
in my goals.”
“Your message gave
me the motivation
to forgive some very
old hurts. . .I am
ready to ‘Live Life
to the Fullest.’”
“Thanks for all you
do! I am grateful
for the dedication
you contribute to
“Motivated me
to stop
and do what I
have to do to
achieve things &
succeed in life. . .”
“We enjoyed the
engaging and
informal style you
-Janice, City
“Thank you so much for
coming to our group. I
still remember you
saying that there is no
reward to hanging on to
our past and our guilt,
and I try and remember
that every time I want to
go backwards.”
-Thanks Donna